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Happy Customers

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Stylish pillows, Stylish houses

Over the past years we’ve been doing what we love most, we’ve gathered many great imagery of your

.best choices and how you decided to design and combine our products in your environment

It doesn’t make sense to keep this magic to ourselves

We are very excited to share it all with you



Call it magic

Sometimes it seems like harmony was achieved by-itself, since everything is in it’s right spot and it feels like it was always there.

But actually, in order to create this kind of wholeness you’ll need a sharp eye and skilled pair of hands.

 Jane Barmen Marmeri, from Jane Deco studio, created this dreamy atmosphere by choosing to combine double cream rectangle Amit Pillows

with purplish and light blue colors. It all together create a romantic and pleasant environment to the home.

Captured with lots of talent by Noya shiloni haviv.

The pillows in the image:

Cream Rectangle Amit  


Pop it up!

What we find interesting the most in your images, is to see how an item looks different each time when its placed in different surroundings,

and how it creates unique environment according to the vision of the house owner.

We especially loved Tal’s living room. Strong and bold tones of Tourqize and yellow. which create light and popish mood

 Retro style furnishing, geometrical imagery and an impressive representation of our pillows in grey-cream-silver-yellow shades.

We just love it! Photography by: Avivit’s Photography


The pillows in the image:

Cream Noam

Grey Tamara

Grey and White Tamara

Silver Bling

Yellow Geo


A beautiful day


Interior designer Meira Eini designed beautiful and full of character apartment nearby our sunny studio.

Carmit Redlich from ‘Prat Studio’ is responsible for the lovely styling, and Noya Shiloni Haviv photographed it all.

Different textiles from our studio were combined in the project – decorative pillows, sleeping pillows, wall art and sculptural fabrics.

 Its so inspiring seeing the pieces inside this home, they add interest and great atmosphere and create special corners 


Items in the photo:

Sleeping Pillow

Wall art


Memory Album


 We love all our clients, but for some special ones we hold a warm place in our hearts.

Especially ones who are visionary enough to purchase our fabric and frame it, even before we did it ourselves.

 Wonderful Hafzi gradually shopped here and the outcome is personal and stunning.

The items in the photo:

Black & White Geo

Black Tin

Framed fabrics


Let there be light

Super cool dining room at a start up company named Tiny Tap which located near our studio, designed by interior designer Einat Cohen Grizman

Duet of our Milky and Ori lamps integrate just wonderful in the space next to this stunning green wall.

 .The lamps are the outcome of a very successful collaboration between us and product design studio SALT

Photographed by: Nadav Packet.

The Lamps in the photo:

Ori Pendant lamp

Milky Pendant lamp

Modernization at its best

.This lovely modern bedroom was decorated by interior designer Michal Montag

  .Michal combined different decorative pillows in monochromatic arrangement on the top of the bed, with orange blanket from our beloved knitted collection

 The theme image of the blog is also taken from the living room of this beautiful house. Photographed by: Hagar Duplet.

In this case the client fell in love with the styling that was made for the photo-shoots, and decided to keep the entire look to herself!

The items in the photo:

Black and White Hive

Black & White Geo

Black & White Tamara

Cream Rotem


Time to work!

 Surprising textures combination at a happy lawyers office, laying alongside other Israeli artists and designers items.

The wise selection were made by architect Gilat Peleg which responsible here for architecture, design and home dressing.

Photographed by: Shiran Carmel

The pillows in the picture:

Black & White Tin
Grey&Pink Geo (not in stock but this is the closest option)

Urban Jungle


   ,This cool project by Galit Hirshfeld is combining Milky and Ori – our lovely lamps by SALT which are floating peacefully over the dining room

in a 160 M flat at a tiny settlement in the center of Israel.

We can proudly say, that in this case designer Galit used the lamps as an anchor point for the entire space decoration.

Photographs by: Shiran Carmel


Lamps in the photo:

Ori clouds

Milky clouds 


                                                                                           Sweet dreams


Lovely apartment designed and decorated by interior designer Lior Lasner Geva.

Photographs by: Hila Ido


Pillows in the photo:

Black & White Hive


50 shades of grey

Monochromatic mood decorated and captured by interior designer Riki Eitan Birenboim.

The pillows in the photo:

Cream Amit XL

Black Amit XL

Charcoal Black Geo

Grey Tamara

Black&White Tamara

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